WaterLife Design Group

WaterLife Design Group is a division of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc., established to meet the increasing demands of the aquaculture, public zoo and aquarium industries. Facilities around the world have benefited from WaterLife's design, engineering and consulting expertise. Our extensive field experience and versatility have quickly established us as a leader in system design and analysis, including retrofits and troubleshooting. And our access to Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems' products and resources means we can often meet your needs without going through the hassle of special orders. WaterLife will coordinate with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to develop integrated, coherent and economical solutions for the aquatics industries.


"Living Exhibits Inc. has worked with WaterLife Design Group for years. During this time, WaterLife Design Group has provided us with high quality products at fair prices. More importantly, WaterLife Design Group has provided us irreplaceable technical expertise in design and operation. They have provided outstanding customer service and freely provided problem solving based upon their combined expertise and practical experience. WaterLife Design Group has not only helped Living Exhibits be successful, but has also helped our customers to be successful. We regard them as a very dependable and valued partner."

-- Brian E. Joseph, DVM, Living Exhibits Incorporated